5 Jobs That Pay You Very Well To Spend Time Outdoors


If you’re passionate about the outdoors, you may dream about landing that job that takes you outside daily. 

While park ranger is probably the first career that comes to mind, there are plenty of other ways to spend time outside and make decent money. 

Here are some of the best options:

Environmental Engineer

U.S. News says this career has a median salary of $96,820. While some of the work is in an office, plenty of days will bring you outdoors. Environmental engineers use engineering mindsets to deal with issues impacting the environment. The mixture of biology and science finds solutions to recycling, pollution and other issues affecting our natural world. Most people in this field have at least an engineering bachelor’s degree.

Landscape Architect

Another job with a median salary of just under six figures is a landscape architect. Salary.com puts the median pay at $98,300. This specialized field of architecture designs parks, gardens, playgrounds and other outdoor spaces. Many people in this field have a bachelor’s or master’s degree focusing on architecture, with some states requiring specialized accreditation. 

Marine Biologist

If you grew up loving visits to the aquarium, this is the job for you. Although the salary ranges based on experience and certification, the average salary is $85,008. Marine biologists spend their days researching sea life and sometimes spend days underwater. Those working in this field usually start with a bachelor’s degree and often work their way up to master’s and even doctorate degrees.

Park Ranger

No outdoor jobs list is complete without park ranger, so we had to include it. There’s an extensive range of park ranger jobs from National Parks to local cities. The job responsibilities also vary, with some acting as law enforcement and others selling merch in the gift shop. However, on average, rangers make $64,020. Many have degrees in biology, but there are many ways to enter the field. Learn more about becoming a park ranger here.

Wind Turbine Technicians

If you like spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun with quiet solitude, look towards the future of energy. With more wind farms opening up each year, there’s a need for wind turbine technicians. Those in the field maintain the turbines. The pay is slightly lower, with the median salary at $56,260. However, compared to many other jobs, you can skip a full degree, with multiple certificate programs getting new workers into the field.

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