20 Best Outdoor Workouts To Get Your Fitness On


By Vanessa Panopio

It’s so much more enjoyable to work out outdoors during nice weather. Head to the park for a nature walk, take your dog for a jog, enjoy a bike ride around town or do some simple workouts at home. Regardless of what you choose to do out there, being active always feels good.

You can create a video of each workout below, or create your own routine by combining exercises from each work. Below are some of our favorite outdoor workouts suitable for women of any fitness level. Get ready to break a sweat!

Run and Walk

We start off our list of outdoor workouts with this. Begin with a brisk walk to get warmed up, then slowly bring your speed into a run. Alternate between walking every few minutes and running for longer periods of time.

Sunrise Yoga

Outdoor workouts yoga

Wake yourself up before the sun rises for some early morning yoga. The beautiful outdoor views will help you get in touch with your inner self and will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Get back in touch with nature by taking a hike in the woods or at the beach. Enjoy the outdoors while listening to your favorite music or listening to the sounds of nature.


Whether it’s in a lake, pool, or the ocean, swimming is a great way to strengthen your muscles and enjoy some fun in the sun. Working out in the water is a great way to strengthen, elongate, and become flexible.

Tennis or Other Sports

Whether it’s shooting hoops or working out with a friend, playing sports outside is a good way to have fun while getting fit. If you’re just starting out, play doubles instead of singles to get used to moving around the court. Sporty outdoor workouts done with friends are so much fun.

Cross Country Skiing

This is especially good for working your lower body, which helps strengthen bones and muscles. Start with a slow pace to get used to skiing before you pick up speed since it’s easier than running when it comes to transitioning from walking to running.


Outdoor workouts basketball

Shooting hoops is a good way to work on your endurance and strengthen your upper body. You can find outdoor “pick-up” games in your neighborhood if you don’t have a basketball hoop in your driveway.

Brisk Walk

If you’re not into running or biking, take a brisk walk around your neighborhood. The fresh air will make you feel good and it’s an easy way to get some daily exercise in.

Karate, Tae Kwon Do or Self Defense Classes

If you’re looking for a way to improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility while also learning self-defense skills, one of these classes could be perfect. These types of outdoor workouts done in classes are great because they don’t require any additional equipment and you can burn a lot of calories while having fun.

Stair Climbing

Whether it’s outside or inside, climbing stairs is one of the best ways to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen your muscles. Make it more challenging by carrying weights as you climb.


Whether it’s on the road or on a spin bike, cycling is a great way to strengthen your muscles and burn calories. Start off with shorter distances and work your way up to longer rides. In addition to feeling good after this workout, riding with friends is also a fun social activity!


If you’re looking for outdoor workouts that will improve your endurance and coordination, try kickboxing. This type of exercise also improves balance and can help relieve stress.

Resistance Band Workouts

These simple bands are a great way to strengthen your muscles without putting any added pressure on joints or ligaments. You can do just about any move with these bands, so all you have to do is choose your favorite!

Boot Camp

This is one of the outdoor workouts that is for newbies, experts, and everyone in between. Traditional boot camp classes are usually quite challenging (and fun) with lots of running, jumping, push-ups, and more. If you’re not up for a full class or don’t live near a boot camp location, you can always make your own boot camp workout to the park or beach. Just pick up some light weights and get moving!


If you’re not mad about kayaking already, just wait until you try it with friends! This is another great way to enjoy the outdoors while also improving cardiovascular health. Start off slow to get your bearings and then let loose.

Trampoline Workouts

Moving from side to side is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health and burn calories. It’s also really great for coordination, so don’t be surprised if you start bouncing off the walls after this workout!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This is another of the great outdoor workouts that also helps you relax, especially if you’re taking it easy as a beginner. Try to stand up paddleboarding as part of a group or with a friend to make it even more fun!

Rock Climbing

Working out your upper and lower body as well as improving your coordination will be challenging during this workout. If you’re just starting out, be sure to get the proper instruction before hitting the rocks!


This is another great cardio workout that improves your endurance and coordination. Plus, it’s a ton of fun once you get the hang of it! Just be sure to wear the proper protective gear.


All you need for this fun workout is a ball and some friends. Kickball isn’t just for kids, though — it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon with your gal pals or co-workers.


As always, check with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

Outdoor workouts hiking

The best outdoor workouts are the ones that get you out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to take on a new fitness routine, or even try something completely different from what you’ve done in the past. You might be surprised how much better it feels when you push yourself outside of your boundaries!

Which outdoor workouts are your favorite?

There are just so many ways to be active in the outdoors. Which of the above outdoor workouts suit you the most? Are there any other outdoor workouts you think are worthy of mention? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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