13 Unique Items To Bring on Your Next Camping Trip


13 Unique Items for camping

By Megan Isola.

Camping is fun and exciting, especially if you bring the right gear. However, you can improve your camping experience by bringing items you know you’ll love. Camping is different for everyone; some people prefer camping in a tent, while others like to rent an RV or cabin for the weekend. However you choose to camp, you might constantly be searching for the best items, tweezers, tools, medicine, and equipment to improve your experience and make camping more enjoyable. Here are a few unique items to bring on your next camping trip:

1.    Wood Burning Camp Stove

If you enjoy camping, you know that fire makes all the difference. With fire, you can cook your food, roast marshmallows, and stay warm wherever you are. Unfortunately, keeping your campfire lit can be difficult, especially when using the wrong wood. A wood-burning camp stove is a perfect alternative to free fires because it’s meant for camping and doesn’t require fuel or batteries.

2.    Pocket Blanket

When camping, you must focus on comfort. Whether you’re sleeping on the ground or an air mattress, you need to stay warm. A pocket blanket is a perfect item for camping because it’s so small when folded that you can throw it in your pocket or another bag. Pocket blankets can keep you off the ground while ensuring you stay warm at night. If you don’t want a blanket that fits in your pocket, check out wearable blankets to keep you warm without restriction.

Wearable Blanket from Three Poodle
Wearable Blanket

3.    LED Lanterns

Lantern flashlights can help you find your way in the dark to ensure you don’t trip on any twigs and can easily find your way to an outhouse without disturbing others. They’re also ideal for when you want to keep your campsite lit without worrying about burning fires all night long.

4.    Portable WiFi

A mobile hotspot may not be your priority when you’re camping to get away from daily life. However, you may need access to the internet when camping. Also, if you’re camping with children, allowing them to stream their favorite television shows can be a good distraction for them while you’re trying to relax. Portable WiFi also comes in handy if there’s an emergency or your dog gets hurt, and you need to talk to a vet.

5.    Portable Speaker

While the sounds of nature can be relaxing enough, sometimes you just want to listen to some music. A portable speaker connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to amplify your music for everyone to enjoy. Of course, if you’re camping near others, you may want to keep the volume down, so you’re not disturbing other campers.

Unique Items portable speaker
Portable Speaker

6.    Air Mattress

Sleeping on the ground can be difficult because it’s nearly impossible to find flat earth. With sticks, twigs, and lumps in your back, sleeping while camping in a tent can be difficult. An air mattress can help you sleep better, and they don’t take up too much space in your duffle bag. When you’re ready to inflate your air mattress, all you have to do is blow it up. However, you can also find self-inflating air mattresses that require virtually no work from you.

7.    Filtering Water Bottle

Don’t worry about bringing packs of bottled water with you on your next camping adventure. As long as you have access to water, you can get clean drinking water with a filtering water bottle. These water bottles have a built-in filtration system that filters out all the bad stuff in water to ensure you always have something to drink, whether you’re camping, hiking, or traveling.

8.    Inflatable Sink

Everyone needs a sink, whether they’re camping or not. You should always wash your hands before eating, and sometimes you just want to clean yourself after a long day of hiking. An inflatable sink can be a great solution when camping, and it won’t tip while in use.

9.    Portable Grill

Most people bring their food in a cooler and cook it over a campfire, leaving burnt portions of meat, fish, or whatever else you cook. Since it’s difficult to distribute heat evenly when cooking directly over a fire, you may want to make dinner time more enjoyable with a portable grill.

Portable gas grills allow you to cook all your favorite camping foods like burgers, fish, and hot dogs, and it’s ideal for small spaces. Of course, you can’t fold it up when you’re done with it, so it will take up space in your car.

10.   Portable Laundry System

A portable laundry system is a special type of bag that allows you to wash your clothes when you don’t have access to a washing machine. With the portable washing machine bag, you can add water and detergent and swish around your clothing to clean them. When you’re done, you can take them out of the bag and hang them on a line to dry.

11.    Camping Chairs

Sitting on the ground can be difficult for some, so make sure everyone has a camping chair for when they’re sitting around the fire. Camping chairs fold up and won’t take up too much space in your car. They also make camping more comfortable, so they’re a must-have item, especially for those with back or knee pain.

12.    Wearable Sleeping Bag

Have you ever been so comfortable in your sleeping bag you never wanted to leave? Now you don’t have to. With a wearable sleeping bag, you can take a nap just about anywhere. A mix between a sleeping bag and a onesie, wearable sleeping bags can help you stay warm and cozy no matter what you’re doing.

13.    Pocket Shower

Have you ever wanted a shower when camping, but no matter what you did, you still felt dirty? A pocket shower can help you get clean while camping, and it’s easy to use. All you have to do is fill it up with water and hang it from a tree branch to let the nozzle shower water down on you.

Final Thoughts

Camping is hard if you’re not experienced, but some of these items can help you feel more at home and make your camping experience more enjoyable. Of course, the items you bring will depend on where you’re going and what you need to ensure a successful camping trip.

Your thoughts on Unique Items?

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