10 Durable SUVs That Make Summer Camping a Memorable Experience


By Sara Allaire

Walk outside into the fresh air and let the warm sunbeams cascade across your face. Summer is arriving which, for someone as bold as you, means it’s time for brand-new adventures.

From camping under the stars to summiting your favorite mountain peak, the sweet embrace of summer escape is calling your name. Do you have the right ride to take you there? The proper vehicle has the ability to make your adventures more enjoyable—and even more thrilling!

Let’s dive into the 10 most durable SUVs that are ready to take you on a memorable summer camping experience.

10 durable SUVs that make summer camping a memorable experience

Car Camp in Style

There are so many different levels of outdoor lovers. So, if you’re looking for a more low-key camping experience with your closest friends or little ones, the following SUVs could be the perfect match.

GMC Terrain

10 Durable SUVs 1

There’s nothing like the excitement of heading out to a new campsite—your trunk is packed, your playlist is made and popping, and you’ve rounded up the best road trip snacks. But when the weekend is over and it’s time to tear down your tent and toss all those snacks back into your car, motivation is suddenly nowhere to be found.

No fear, the Terrain is here! With its Hands-Free Programmable Power Liftgate, you’ll be able to open the rear of your SUV with a simple wave of your foot. This allows you to load in your bins with total and complete ease and hit the road faster.

Honda Passport

10 Durable SUVs 2

In addition to packing up larger items, you need a few smaller essentials when camping, such as flashlights to help you find the bathroom in the middle of the night and an emergency kit for scrapes you may get on the trails. The Passport makes space for it all with underfloor storage in addition to an expansive rear cargo area.

Looking to bring some mountain bikes or kayaks along for the adventure? If so, then you’ll want to opt for the TrailSport trim with roof rails.

Kia Sportage

10 Durable SUVs 3

Road trips are half the pleasure when it comes to car camping. Venturing off to a new destination can be just as fun as the hiking and fishing you’ll do when you get there, as long as you have the right entertainment by your side. The Sportage is armed and ready for lengthy trips with features like a 12.3-inch touchscreen display packed with smartphone integration and paired to a robust 8-speaker sound system.

Plus, an available panoramic sunroof allows you to bask in the summer sun on your way to your next thrilling getaway.

Volkswagen Tiguan

10 Durable SUVs Tiguan

After exploring a new trail or braving a climb to a stunning overlook, you’ll no doubt want to kick off your hiking boots and kick back in your SUV’s cozy interior. The Tiguan is ready to welcome you in with an available Climatronic® dual-zone automatic climate control. Blast that cool air as you head to a hidden swimming hole for an ultra-relaxing break.

If you’ve really worked up a sweat, then make full use of the luxurious available ventilated front seats.

Upgrade Your Excursions

Road trips and car camping is a lot of fun, but some women like to take their adventures to the next level. Whether you need to haul an Airstream or just want to take the road less traveled, the following SUVs are a bit more robust and well-equipped for the job.

Honda Pilot

10 Durable SUVs Honda Pilot

Every excursion is made better by having the right adventure partners. If you’re looking to bring the crew along with you, then you’ll love the 8-passenger seating the Pilot provides.

Additionally, a 5,000-pound maximum towing capacity allows you to bring a small camper along for the ride so you can camp in comfort. You and your fellow explorers will be able to spend a rainy day inside watching movies or enjoy an indoor shower after a muddy hike thanks to the capabilities of this rugged set of wheels.


10 Durable SUVs Palisade

Another 3-row SUV ready to take you on unforgettable trips is the PALISADE. If you’re looking for some more luxurious touches to transition seamlessly from weekend camping to your weekday routine, then this is a great SUV for you.

The Calligraphy trim level adds touches of refinement such as quilted leather seating and door panels along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Subaru Outback

10 Durable SUVs Subaru Outback

Think of the last time you climbed to the top of a mountain. It took the right fuel in your body, the proper hiking books, and plenty of water. Just as you needed to be prepared for the journey ahead, so does your car.

Summiting steep peaks is no problem for the Outback thanks to Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and X-Mode® powering your ride. When you’re ready to come back down to flat terrain, Hill Descent Control will gently take you there.

Toyota RAV4

10 Durable SUVs Rav 4

Heading into the great outdoors means you get to disconnect for the week. Forget about social media and work emails—just enjoy the clear, blue sky and take in the rich scent of luscious pines.

Still, going off the grid doesn’t mean you have to live in the Dark Ages. With the 12V/120W outlet in the cargo area of the RAV4, you’ll still have access to electricity to light up your campsite, power your radio, and even keep your camera charged so you can get some unbelievable nature shots.

Leave Civilization in the Rearview Mirror

The boldest of us all need a car unlike the rest. The following two options are for the bravest of the brave, for those drivers ready to head deep into the great outdoors for thrilling off-road treks.

Ford Bronco

10 Durable SUVs Ford Bronco

Saddle up and get ready for a wild ride. The bucking Bronco is built for ladies who don’t shy away from excitement. With a ground clearance of up to 13.1 inches, this SUV is ready for rocks, tree stumps, small boulders, and anything else that may come your way.

Even a stream or small river won’t stop you in your tracks since this car boasts water fording up to 37 inches when properly armed.

Jeep Wrangler

10 Durable SUVs Jeep Wrangler

If everyone is always calling you tough, then the Wrangler could be the right match for your brawn. In addition to a host of 4-wheel drive systems, this SUV has an Off-Road+ Button that curates traction, control, and strength for the most daring of treks.

The best part is that this vehicle provides a complete open-air driving experience. Simply remove the roof and doors and fold down the windshield to become one with your surroundings.

Plan Your Summer Getaway Today

No matter what you need for your big summer plans, there’s clearly an SUV out there for you. Is adventure calling your name? If so, then it’s time to answer back with a stylish yet rugged ride.

Let’s go!

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