Sandro Serradifalco

Sandro Serradifalco (Palermo, February 12, 1978), editor, critic and essayist, moves the first steps in the art world in the double role of painter and gallerist: the experience experienced within the mechanisms of both barricades allows him to take care of With rare sensitivity of the artist's image, through the creation of events of great national and foreign importance. Sandro Serradifalco enters the art world as a painter and gallerist, and then goes on to create Italian and international art events. Sandro Serradifalco is currently responsible for Serradifalco Publisher Entertainment.

Francesco Saverio Russo

Francesco Saverio Russo is an art curator and art consultant; he organized and took part to the fitting of exhibitions and art events all over the world. He wrote and interviewed important contemporary artists and he is a specialist in contemporary and modern art. He is the author of the book “A mistery called Gioconda”. He is a theorist of “Beheading of Saint John the Baptist” by Caravaggio. He is also engaged as a curator and promoter of personal events and exhibitions by leading contemporary Italian and foreign artists.

Salvatore Russo

Salvatore Russo was born in Catanzaro, then he went to Rome, where, studying the most important movements and schools of thought of the twentieth century, few years later he became one of the greatest experts. Fascinated by the art of the past and the new avant-garde art, he specializes in international events. He has got an encyclopedic vision of contemporary art. An art always looking at the past, but at the same time adopting the most modern languages ​​of our time. He is especially careful to the new realities emerging in Italy, but also abroad, he became a point of reference for all those working in the sector that are looking for a curator of international level.

Paolo Levi - Art Supervision

Paolo Levi is an art critic, journalist, essayist, author of thematic and monographic volumes. He combines indepth knowledge of the history of ancient, modern and contemporary art with a solid experience in the relationship between art and finance. He performs, for public and private collections, detailed market analysis related to critical reading of the object being studied. as an expert of the 20th century European art, he is required to contribute to the formation or completion of private collections. as an expert on the international market of modern and ancient European art, he provides collectors advice that require expertise as a result of the bank's demand for collateral in respect of assets in which also insurance companies are involved. as an art critic, he is called as a party expert in civil cases related to specific problems.